Supply of the deoiler equipment package, Orsknefteorgsintez

Facility classification:
UI&O water feature
Project type:
Package supply
Orsk, Orenburg Region
Contract period:
Project status:
Project completed

Project description

Orsknefteorgsintez is the oldest oil refining company in Russia, which began its history in 1935, and is still one of the leading oil refineries in Russia. The plant processes a mixture of oils from the West Siberian Oil and Gas Bearing Province (OGP), Volga-Ural OGP and the gas condensate. Pressure deoilers are designed for cleaning of the cooling water of industrial enterprises from petroleum products and mechanical impurities.

ASP-AQUA, within this project, makes a package supply of deoilers for the water supply unit of the first system of the delayed coking complex of Orsknefteorgsintez PJCS.


  • package internal devices;
  • internal systems (with counter-flanges, fasteners, gaskets):
    • input and distribution of raw materials;
    • sediment hydraulic washing-out system;
    • sediment removal system;
    • petroleum product removal system (including the oil products pipeline interface phase sensors adapted to the customer’s Automatic Process Control System), which provides for channeling of trapped petroleum products into the pipeline and further into the underground trapped oil tank;
    • rainage water withdrawal system;
  • sludge discharge;
  • lifting and turning devices on the manhole covers;
  • manhole squeezers.