LPG and Petroleum Products Transshipment and Storage Facilities

Loading and unloading racks
Pumping stations
Metering units, including commercial metering
Raw materials and products storage grounds
Vapour recovery units

One of the core activities of ASP-AQUA is development and introduction of oil and petroleum products transshipment and storage automated complexes, which include loading and unloading motor and railway racks, pumping stations, metering stations, including commercial metering, tank farms, vapour recovery units.

Loading and Unloading Units

We offer to our customers development and introduction of petroleum products transshipment systems, including construction of complexes for loading oil and petroleum products in motor and railway transport, conduct of metrological tests with entering of the systems to the SI National Register for potential operation of the systems as petroleum product commercial metering assemblies.

Depending on the customer’s needs, our specialists develop designs of single-side and double-side racks for loading and unloading operations with potential expansion and increase of the number of loading points.

The rack type and modification are designed based on the customer’s individual requirements to the loading and unloading processes, namely:

  • one-time petroleum product loading/unloading volume;
  • overall performance and operating life of the rack;
  • speed of the loading and unloading processes;
  • regularity of supply of petroleum products;
  • properties of petroleum products;
  • type of railway tank cars and access routes (motor roads or railways).

The loading and unloading rack design can be developed both within the design and construction/reconstruction of the entire oil storage and processing facility as a whole, and separately, in case of modernization and technical refurbishment of the facility.

The loading and unloading racks are referred to hazardous production facilities, therefore, stricter requirements are applied to them to ensure industrial safety during operation, what affects fire extinguishing security systems, automation parameters and degree of the loading and unloading processes and other characteristics.

Measurement Systems for Storage Parks of Raw Materials and Petroleum Products

ASP-AQUA designs, supplies and commissions measurement systems for tank farms for storage of petroleum products.

The system can function as a process measurement system, as well as a system for making accounting and settlement operations between the supplier and the consumer. For this purpose, works on entering the systems into the State Register of Measuring Instruments with preparation of all necessary documentation are carried out.

The systems can be built based on contact (servo gauges) and non-contact level meters, as well as various modifications of temperature, pressure and density measuring instruments.

Vapour Recovery Units

Various options for organizing sales of petroleum products, as a rule, are similar in that they include several transshipment points for liquid hydrocarbons. Each of such procedures is associated with discharge into the atmosphere of a certain amount of vapours of light hydrocarbon fractions as a result of displacement or evaporation.

A high volatility of such fractions and, as a consequence, a high concentration of their vapours causes significant product losses. In many countries, strict emission control regulations have been introduced in order to reduce the amount of harmful substances discharged into the atmosphere. Modern units for trapping and recovery of light fractions are designed to ensure compliance with these and other requirements due to flexible regulation of the environmental and economic production indicators.

Our specialists have experience in complex solution of issues related to the process of trapping and recovery of vapours of light fractions, including calculation of the technology and performance of recovery units, selection of necessary equipment, manufacture of modular recovery units, installation and commissioning of the units.

We are ready to offer the most advanced vapour recovery units, including those implemented using traditional technology using carbon-vacuum adsorption, as well as units using membrane modules, and units using a combination of these technologies.