Supply of the package of the equipment for a biological treatment unit, Afipsky Refinery

Facility classification:
UI&O water feature
Project type:
Package supply
Urbane-Type Settlement. Afipsky, Krasnodar Territory
Contract period:
Project status:
Project completed

Project description

Afipsky Refinery LLC is a dynamically developing enterprise with a highly-skilled team. In its disposal, it has up-to-date process equipment, which allows processing about 500,000 tons of crude oil monthly, while observing all the regulations and requirements of industrial safety and ecology.

The biological treatment unit is part of the local treatment facilities of the plant and is designed for biological treatment of industrial rainfall, salt-containing waste waters. Unit type — membrane bioreactor (MBR) with nitri–denitrification zones, membrane silt separation.

In accordance with the contract requirements, ASP-AQUA supplies a package of the unit process equipment consisting of as follows:

  • package of equipment for the anoxic zone (submersible agitators, oxygen sensors, drainage pump, etc.);
  • package of equipment for the aerobic zone (submersible agitators, aeration systems, oxygen sensors, etc.);
  • package of equipment for membrane capacities (ultrafiltration membranes for silt separation, fully assembled on stainless steel frames, mounting frames for installation of membranes in railway compartments, stainless steel headers for collection of the filtrate and air supply, electrically or pneumatically operated shut-off and control valves, control and measuring equipment to be installed in this zone);
  • strainers with 1 mm openings for pre-treatment of household waste waters;
  • a package of stainless steel sluice gate valves with fasteners, gaskets and necessary accessories;
  • pumping equipment to ensure all internal circulation flows (operating and standby);
  • pumping and mixing equipment for the silt mixture deaeration tank;
  • pumping equipment for intaking of the filtrate from the membranes, pumping equipment for flushing the membranes, with check valves, shut-off and control valves to conduct the process in the automatic mode;
  • automatic stations for preparation and dosing of the necessary reactants;
  • air blowers for aeration of the effluents, with a system for maintaining a set oxygen level in the aeration zones;
  • membrane aeration blowers;
  • mixing equipment for two silt compactors;
  • submersible pumps for pumping out the excess silt mixture from the membrane bioreactor (MBR);
  • eccentric screw pumps with adjustable feed for pumping out the excess silt for dewatering;
  • Instrumentation package;
  • valves and other devices for automatic operation of the unit with the process piping;
  • cable-gland inlets for all electrical equipment and instrumentation;
  • cabinet with a controller (PLC) and software with implemented technological process control algorithm;
  • power electrical cabinets (MCC) necessary for the unit operation.

Scope of the project works:

  • process technological calculations confirming the achievement of the required treatment parameters;
  • process P&ID with the control and measuring equipment;
  • general view drawings and a 3D model for all equipment included to the supply scope; drawings and documents, including the technical data sheet, characteristics curves, acceptance and test records, etc.;
  • supply of the package of the process equipment;
  • supply of the package of spare parts;
  • acceptance at the manufacturing plant, including testing and control of the characteristic curves;
  • erection supervision works;
  • start-up and adjustment works;
  • personnel training.