UI&O Auxiliary Facilities

Nitrogen stations
Flare facilities
Fire pumping stations
Compressor rooms
Instrumentation air and process air units

ASP-AQUA LLC designs utilities, infrastructure and offsites facilities (UI&O) taking into account modern industrial modifications and customer’s requirements to the equipment. The finished design provides for development of a number of engineering solutions, prepared taking into account feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the construction. High-quality performance of the works ensures a reduction in the costs on erection of facilities and maintenance of the equipment during operation.

Our specialists have extensive experience in design and construction of UI&O facilities at the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation, what enables implementing projects of varying complexity. An individual approach to facilities in harsh operating conditions, as well as to facilities with typical characteristics enables taking into account the necessary details and providing the customer with a design option with maximum compliance with the specified characteristics.

We offer services on design and construction of UI&O facilities, taking into consideration the efficient use of the technological processes, optimization of indoor logistics and cost reduction.

The specialists of ASP-AQUA LLC have extensive experience in design and construction of UI&O facilities for both process units under construction and modernization of already functioning enterprises for the purpose of reconstruction or refurbishment in accordance with the effective state regulations.