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and construction
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We implement complex
EP/EPC/EPCm projects
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projects of various complexity level
Design solutions according
to international standards (ANSI, ISO)
6 offices: Moscow, Omsk,
St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhnekamsk, Kazan
10 years of experience in design
and construction
and certifications
We have all the necessary SRO permits for performing works at particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique construction sites, as well as ISO certification, our employees have passed all the required certifications

Company profile

U&IO water facilities Cooling water supply units
Chemical water treatment andcondensation plants
Sewage treatment plants
Water intake facilities
Acid effluent steaming plants
Salt wastewater treatment plants (evaporation or in-situ pumping)
U&IO auxiliary facilities Nitrogen stations
Fire water pumping stations
Compressor units
Instrumentation and technical air intake units
NEI facilities Having a significant negative environmental impact and related to the areas of application of cutting-edge technologies
With a moderate negative environmental impact (NEI)
With a slight negative impact
With a minimal NEI
Automation systems Automated Process Control Systems
Security systems (fire fighting, video surveillance, ACS, etc.)
Protection and automation systems
Communication systems
Monitoring and diagnostic systems
Preliminary engineering
Preliminary engineering

As part of the standard work on pre-project engineering, our specialists provide the following:

  • main design solution development (MDS)
  • conducting a feasibility study
  • perform technological audit of the facilities

As part of the pre-project engineering, we perform a full range of works to calculate the efficiency of the construction / modernization / reconstruction of the facility, including:

  • providing optimal project implementation options
  • calculating the terms and costs of the project, taking into account the requirements and capabilities of the owner of the facility
  • profitability calculation
  • developing a plan for the construction / modernization / reconstruction of the facility
  • identification of possible risks when selecting a particular project implementation option

Our experts perform MDS development and project analysis from the economic perspective and technical implementation points of view. This allows us to identify or avoid utilizing inefficient, technically complex or impractical technical solutions at early stages of development.

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Basic and detailed engineering
Basic and detailed engineering

Our specialists perform the following steps as part of basic engineering:

  • close investigations and engineering surveys
  • technological and engineering equipment selection for the facility
  • project documentation development in accordance with Resolution No. 87 "On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements for their content"
  • providing support in regards to passing state and departmental examinations

Our specialists perform the following steps as part of detailed engineering:

  • technological calculations based on the developed MDS
  • design documentation development
  • working documentation development, development of technical specifications and other necessary documentation at the request of the Customer and based on the requirements of national standards
  • general construction documentation development for the facility
  • support of delivery of technological equipment, materials to the facility location
  • acceptance at the facility (both for equipment and CIW)
  • consulting in regards to construction and commissioning works
  • obtaining the necessary permits
  • preparation of operational documentation for the facility
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Creating a 3D model
Creating a 3D model

The use of a three-dimensional digital model of the projected construction facility allows you to visually and comprehensively visualize all the details of the facility, which allows to identify all possible collisions at the design stage, as well as to qualitatively calculate its configuration options, determine the nomenclature of materials for purchase, virtually test the operating characteristics.

Our experts perform end-to-end integrated design using BIM modeling technologies in the AVEVA E3D software package:

  • Assembly solutions
  • Construction solutions
  • Electrical solutions
  • Instrumentation and Control solutions
  • Performing PID in systems related to 3D design systems
  • 3D application at the "project" stage
  • Providing report forms for certain templates in 3D (specifications, lists of pipelines, data sheets)
  • Issuing the drawings from 3D
  • Model review at stages 30%-60%-90%
  • Evaluation of the object's performance in 3D (status system)
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Field engineering
Field engineering

The scope of field engineering includes:

  • designer's supervision
  • technical supervision or installation supervision for the main works
  • construction supervision (QC/QA)
  • industrial safety management

Using the help of our field engineers allows our customers to avoid mistakes in the implementation of planned works, as well as to prevent the contractors from deviating from the project documentation and SNIP standards during construction.

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Project management
Project management

Our experts have all the necessary skills to effectively manage capital construction projects at any stage: from designing and obtaining the initial permits to putting it into operation and reaching the designed process indicators.

Project management functions include:

  • calendar and network planning
  • budgeting and cost control
  • change management
  • document management
  • risk management
  • quality control
  • contract management
  • management of equipment and personnel mobilization
  • project reports
  • IT structure
  • ensuring confidentiality and security
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Complete package delivery of technological equipment
Complete package delivery of technological equipment

Complete package deliveries of technological equipment combined into a single package include a complex of research, design and survey works related to the construction of a complete facility, the supply of the entire amount of technological equipment, the transfer of licenses and know-how techs, designer's supervision, installation supervision, commissioning, warranty tests and starting-up of the facility, reaching the required performance indicators.

Our deep understanding of the international and Russian market of equipment manufacturers as well as experience in cooperation with international engineering companies and technology licensors allows us to provide our customers with the best technical solutions offering the lowest possible capital and operating costs.

Supplying equipment as a package deal gives us the opportunity to design and offer the most effective (both in quality and price) set of equipment, relying not only on technological indicators, but also taking into account the unique customer requirements as well as using components from the approved vendor list.

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Production of water treatment and water purification equipment
Production of water treatment and water purification equipment

We offer services for the design, production and supply of technological equipment for water treatment and wastewater treatment for industrial enterprises and municipalities.

The list of equipment produced by our company includes:

  • reverse osmosis and nanofiltration units
  • microfiltration units
  • ultrafiltration units
  • electrodialysis and electrodeionization units
  • membrane degassing units
  • sorption and ion exchange filter units

We produce equipment based on the unique customer requirements and using components from the approved vendor list.

All manufactured equipment undergoes mandatory internal inspection and is supplied with quality certificates and conformity certificates for high standards of the manufactured equipment.

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Construction management
Construction management

Our company performs a full range of construction management works:

  • drawing up a contract strategy
  • management of construction contractors as part of the EPC projects
  • control over the implementation of all types of works in regards to the construction of the facility within the approved project documentation
  • drawing up and monitoring the execution of the construction schedule
  • development of an optimal financing plan for the facility construction
  • coordination of all subcontractors involved in project implementation
  • ensuring compliance with the work technology process at the facility
  • supplying the construction with necessary materials, machinery and equipment
  • technical supervision and quality control
  • interface management
  • ensuring safety of construction works
  • technical supervisor functionality

We are ready to undertake a construction and modernization of industrial facilities of any degree of complexity, ensuring reliability, quality and a quick pace of construction works.

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Start-up and commissioning
Start-up and commissioning

Our scope of responsibility as a contractor in turnkey projects includes carrying out all necessary work and testing until the facility is ready for launch, assisting the customer during start-up, running and subsequent commissioning of the facility.

The main goal at this stage is to check reliability and safety, as well as compliance with design parameters.

We carry out the following works as part of start-up and commissioning:

  • visual inspection and installation inspection
  • setting up individual parameters provided by the project documentation
  • initial launch and intermediate tests
  • adjustment of settings and parameters
  • secondary start-up and operation for a certain period
  • indicator measurement and drawing up test reports
  • personnel training for operating the facility
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Implementation of turnkey projects
Implementation of turnkey projects

While working on these projects, we carry out a full range of engineering works in the field of working design, supply of technological equipment and materials, logistics, author's and technical supervision, management and coordination of construction, we carry out commissioning, preparation of technical and operational documentation, and also help in solving issues that fall within the competence of our company.

Our deep understanding of the international and Russian market of equipment manufacturers as well as experience in cooperation with international engineering companies and technology licensors allows us to provide our customers with the best technical solutions offering the lowest possible capital and operating costs.

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Environmental engineering
Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering makes it possible to implement the idea of sustainable development of an industrial enterprise capable of simultaneously reducing the harmful impact on the environment and increasing the technical and economic efficiency of its production processes.

We provide the following services as part of environmental engineering:

  • conducting an audit of an industrial enterprise for negative environmental impact and environmental risks
  • conducting ecological and economic justification for the possible technological solutions
  • conducting the design and survey works for the facility construction / modernization
  • support in passing the State environmental assessment
  • complete package delivery of the required technological equipment and materials
  • turnkey works on the facility construction/reconstruction
  • conducting state and public environmental supervision
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Support of state and departmental examinations
Support of state and departmental examinations

Expert examination of design documentations and (or) engineering survey results examination are done in the form of state or non-state expertise.

Through this expertise, the competent authorities assess the compliance of design and estimate documentation with the current technical regulations in regards to the following:

  • sanitary and epidemiological
  • environmental
  • cultural heritage site protection
  • fire, nuclear and other safety

Our company provides services to support the procedures for passing state and departmental examinations for the project documentation as part of executing the design and survey works and implementing complex projects for the construction of turnkey facilities, thus preventing our customers from having to solve such complex tasks on their own.

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Support of equipment procurement and supply
Support of equipment procurement and supply

The logistics department plays a key role in construction projects. Its operation ensures that the construction projects are implemented smoothly. both in terms of timing and costs.

Our company provides a full range of works for the procurement and supply of technological equipment and materials:

  • implementing the procurement strategy for the project
  • equipment localization and import substitution
  • supplier audit, qualification and selection
  • inspection and forwarding of long-term production equipment
  • supply risk control and assessment
  • logistics
  • customs clearance
  • documentary support of deliveries
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Engineering resource

technical engineering
in the National Association
of Builders (NOSTROY)
in the National Association
of Designers and Surveyors (NOPRIZ)
of Technical Sciences
Engineering centers in Nizhnekamsk, Ufa,
Omsk, Kazan
  • Chief Project Engineer Group
  • Installation and Technology Department
  • Heating and Ventilation Department
  • Department of Instrumentation, Automated
    Process Control and Communication Systems
  • 3D Design Department
  • Budget Department
  • Architectural and Construction Department
  • Technology Department
  • Electrical Engineering Department
  • General Plan Department
Headquarters in Moscow
  • Project management
  • Preparation of TR and ToR for design
  • Completed work coordination
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Hosting and holding regular meetings
  • Preparing the documentation required for obtaining the necessary permits
  • Preparing the L3 project schedule
  • Submitting regular status update reports
General TEP structure
6% 50% 11% 5% 15% 13%
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Start-up and commissioning management
  • CIW Management
  • Other
Project department personnel structure
7% 8% 12% 3% 2 % 12% 8% 18% 2 % 16% 12%
  • Electrical Engineering Department
  • General Plan Department
  • Chief Project Engineer Group
  • Installation and Technical Department
  • HVAC Department
  • WS&S Department
  • Department of Instrumentation, Automated Process Control and Communication Systems
  • 3D Department
  • Budget Department
  • Construction Department
  • Technology Department

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