Implementation of Turn-Key Projects

Due to many years of experience in construction of especially dangerous and technically challenging production facilities for oil and gas chemical and oil refining enterprises, in-depth insight into the customers’ requirements lodged to project management of this type, ASP-AQUA offers several options for a turn-key contract strategy both for implementation of new and reconstruction of existing industrial facilities:

EPC Contract. Shared Responsibility, Reliability and Compliance with Deadlines

EPC is an English abbreviation of the words engineering, procurement, construction and is a so-called «full cycle» contract, when we, as a contractor, are responsible for design, supply, construction, start-up and adjustment works and putting the facility into operation.

For an EPC contract the following characteristics are typical:

  • EPC contractor’s performance of the full cycle of the works: design, supplies, construction
  • Fixed price. Any excess of the cost of the works, equipment or materials in comparison with the contract price is attributed to the EPC contractor
  • High contractor liability limit
  • High independence level. The contractor has more independence in implementation of the construction process
  • Most of the risks under the contract, including the risks of unforeseen costs and delays, are attributed to the EPC contractor
An EPC contract when choosing ASP-AQUA as an EPC contractor is the most convenient and reliable solution for the customer: it needs to administer only one contract, he responsibility for the deadlines, quality and production performance of the facility are based on the «single window» principle, violations by one or more subcontractors do not give the EPC contractor the right to extension of the terms or release of liability.

Despite the fact that an EPC contract is also the most expensive solution, since the EPC contractor considers all the above mentioned risks and assumes them in the contract price, the high cost of the EPC contract is often compensated or even exceeded by the advantages of earlier putting of the construction object into operation, since the EPC contractor, being the only person responsible to the customer can carry out a number of the project works in parallel. For example, development and issue of the project design and detail design documentation in parallel with procurement of th materials, equipment and performance of the construction and erection works, and can commence contracting of the long-lead equipment without the necessity to wait until the entire project design documentation is developed and approved, etc.

EPCm Contract. Professional Project Management

EAn EPCm contract is also considered a «full cycle» contract, under which the general contractor provides all necessary engineering services (development of the basic design, design works, detail design documentation) and supplies the equipment, however, at the construction stage, it only manages the processes.

More than 10 years of work has allowed ASP-AQUA to accumulate truly unique experience in construction and modernization of easily producible industrial facilities of the utilities, infrastructure and offsites, primarily water treatment facilities, waste water treatment and ecology for industrial enterprises and municipalities.

Knowledge of the international and Russian market of equipment manufacturers, availability of experience in efficient interaction with international engineering companies and advanced design institutes of the Russian Federation, enable us to provide our customers with the most efficient process and engineering solutions, as well as to build up the most convenient logistical operations.

Based on the project goals and deadlines, the specialists of ASP-AQUA are ready to perform both complex works on facilities (from selection of technologies to driving up of the facility to the rated capacity), and to design and supply the process equipment. Regardless of the chosen approach, ASP-AQUA guarantees shared responsibility, shared strategy that takes into account all the project nuances and ensures the optimal integral process solution.