Basic and Detail Engineering

Basic (or base) engineering is the actual design stage of capital construction of a facility of industrial or non–industrial purpose. The main technical solutions of the facility have already been developed and agreed upon, and development of the detail design documentation necessary for the direct construction of the facility lies ahead.

Basic engineering is a totality of works, in the process of which research (engineering surveys) and design of the facility are carried out based on the main technical and engineering decisions realized at the FEED stage. That is, everything that characterizes this construction facility – the plot plan, engineering communications, space-planning solutions, process equipment — is described in detail during the basic engineering.

ASP-AQUA specialists perform as follows within the basic engineering:

  • detailed survey and engineering surveys in order to determine the geographical parameters of the future construction facility;
  • selection of process and engineering equipment to fit-out the facility with a choice of potential manufacturers/ suppliers;
  • development of the project design documentation in accordance with Decree No. 87 «Concerning composition of design documentation sections and requirements to their contents»;
  • support of the customer’s undergoing of state and departmental expert reviews of the project design documentation.

Performing basic engineering at ASP-AQUA is a guarantee of development of high—quality design and estimate documentation and detailed specification for equipment, in accordance with Russian standards and international regulations in the shortest possible time.

Detail engineering is a stage that includes the main works on preparation of the facility for construction. At this stage, the FEED and design preparation of the construction facility has already been completed: technical solutions have been developed and agreed upon, engineering surveys have been carried out, the equipment has been selected and the project design documentation has been issued.

At the detail engineering stage, ASP-AQUA specialists perform as follows:

  • process calculations based on the developed GTS;
  • development of the Supplier’s Design and Development Documentation (SDO);
  • development of the detail design documentation, including KM (Metal Structures), KMD (Structural Engineering Drawings), PPR (Project for Implementation of Construction Operations) projects, and process diagrams and drawings;
  • development of technical specifications and other necessary documentation at the Customer’s request and based on the requirements of the state standards;
  • development of general construction documentation for the facility;
  • development of general construction documentation for the facility;
  • support of supply of necessary process equipment, materials for the facility;
  • acceptance works at the facility (both for the equipment and construction and erection works);
  • consultations on construction and start-up and adjustment works;
  • coordination of all works with regulatory authorities and obtaining the necessary permissive documentation;
  • preparation of equipment operation rules, manuals and other operational documentation for the facility.
ASP-AQUA LLC performs a full package of design works in accordance with international regulations, including for especially dangerous and technically challenging production facilities.
of buildings, structures,
of engineering
of technical
Specifications (TS),
Requirements (TR)
of the Project
Design Documentation (PDD)
and Detail Design
Documentation (DDD)
Supplier’s Design
and Development
Documentation (SDO)
Hazard Analysis
the State Expert
Evaluation (SEE),
State Environmental
Expert Review (SEER)
Development of a 3D model
Designer’s supervision
Development of operational documentation
Field engineering
We have available all necessary permits, licenses and certificates for development of all sections of the project design and detail design documentation.
Power supply, power electrical equipment, low-current systems and networks
Water supply and water drainage
Design of transport and mechanical systems
Fire protection and automation
Plot plan and transport, including motor roads and railways
Heat supply, gas supply
Environmental protection
Architectural and construction design
Heating and ventilation

ASP-AQUA LLC successfully applies the cutting-edge licensed software packages and design tools:

Software purpose Software
1 Data Sheets for equipment SmartPlant P&ID / AVEVA Diagrams
2 Process flow diagram/ PFD AutoCAD
3 Piping and instrumentation diagram with EC&I/ P&ID SmartPlant P&ID / AVEVA Diagrams
4 List of pipelines SmartPlant P&ID / AVEVA Diagrams
5 Stress analysis of the pipelines CTAPT
6 EC&I design SmartPlant Instrumentation
7 Data Sheets of calculations for standard adapters SO Flow meter
8 PCS configuration database EPLAN/SmartPlant Instrumentation
9 Electrical design SmartPlant Electrical
10 Engineering 3D model AVEVA E3D
11 HV and LV cable calculation ETAP
12 Plot Plan Civil 3D
13 Calculation of structures and foundations SKAD OFFICE, Base, ЛИРА
14 Estimate calculations Grand Estimate
15 Fire protection systems – hydraulic calculation Hydraulic system 3.81 R6
16 3D Buildings and structures AutoCAD, Tekla and Revit
17 2D Drawings of buildings and structures AutoCAD
18 Detailed project schedules Primavera P6
19 Modeling and risk analysis Primavera Risk Analysis
20 All other CAD drawings in two-dimensional format AutoCAD
Document flow
21 Automation of office works MS Office
22 Release of documents in PDF format Acrobat Standard
23 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 1C: Document flow CORP