Start-Up and Adjustment Works and Putting into Operation

The responsibility scope of ASP-AQUA as a contractor within the turn-key project realization includes carrying out of all necessary works and tests until the facility is ready for start-up, assisting the customer during start-up, running and subsequent putting the facility into operation.

Start-Up and Adjustment Works Consist of the Following Periods:

  • pre-start;
  • assembly-by-assembly test running;
  • comprehensive test running.

Pre-start works include as follows:

  • verification of completion of all construction and installation works that may interfere with the start-up operations and testing of the equipment under load. By the beginning of the start-up operations, the basic and emergency lighting shall be used, control and measuring instruments shall be installed, electrical installation works shall be completed, communication facilities shall be connected and the occupational and fire safety requirements shall be complied with;
  • verification of all instrumentation for sealing;
  • verification of compliance of the assembled pipelines with diagrams and drawings, correctness of their attachment to supports, grounding;
  • inspection of the internal cavities of devices and tanks, as well as preparation and cleaning of all communications;
  • drawing up of the start-up works log.

Th assembly-by-assembly test running includes as follows:

  • idling testing of mechanisms and devices with drives;
  • set-up and adjustment of safety protective devices of the equipment with making notes in the start-up works log.

Comprehensive test running includes as follows:

  • verification of the joint operation of the equipment at idle in order to identify defects that prevent the regular and reliable operation of the refinery;
  • development of measures to eliminate these defects.

Passing from one stage of the start-up and adjustment works to the next stage of the start-up and adjustment works can be possible only upon confirmation of completion of the works at the previous stage and readiness for commencement of the works at the next stage.

When performing the start-up and adjustment works, the following several stages are identified:

Documentation preparation and development stage
Individual/performance tests
Inert ambient integrated tests (water, air, nitrogen)
Operation environment tests
Start-up and operation commencement

The facility will be started-up and brought to the mode in accordance with the start-up program approved by the customer.

The start-up and initial operation period is completed by conducting warranty tests in operation environments for the purpose to confirm the achievement of the warranty characteristics established by the contract.