Automation Systems

Safety systems (fire fighting, video surveillance, ACS, etc.)
Protection and automation systems
Communication systems
Monitoring and diagnostic systems

One of the core activities of ASP-AQUA is development of automation systems for industrial facilities that perform information and control functions that combine all stages and levels of the production process.

Industrial and production automated PCS systems perform a complex of information and management functions, including as follows:
  • measurement of the equipment operation parameters
  • collection and monitoring of technical and operational parameters
  • protection of the equipment in case of incidents
  • analysis of the equipment operation with subsequent selection of the management action algorithm
  • registration, accounting and making reports on all actions of the system
  • detection of equipment failures, etc.

Automation of industrial facilities allows minimizing the human factor, what causes the process accuracy improvement, reduction of the risks of accidents arising because of errors. In addition, provision of efficient automatic control schemes at facilities includes introduction of measuring and monitoring systems, what improves the facility safety by registering the excess of permissible operational parameters and informing operators about it.

Our specialists carry out a full package of works on development and modernization of automated control systems based on PLC, multilevel geographically distributed control systems, dispatch control and data collection systems, which includes as follows:

  • development and approval of the terms of reference for PCS development;
  • development of a technical detail design and development of the supplier’s design and development documentation for manufacture of PCS software and hardware packages;
  • completing of PCS with equipment, assembly of automation cabinets, server racks and automated workstations at the in-house production sites;
  • development of PCS software;
  • performance of installation and start-up and adjustment works for the PCS equipment;
  • conduct of all PCS necessary tests and trial operation.

PCS systems can have different automation and dispatching degree depending on the technical conditions at industrial facilities, starting with partial automation of certain process stages and ending with full automation of the facility and its remote control. In case of contacting ASP-AQUA LLC, we guarantee development of a facility automated system of any complexity and will offer you a rational automation level that will meet the requirements of your production process as much as possible.