Support of Procurement and Supplies of Equipment

Within implementation of turn-key projects, ASP-AQUA provides a full range of services to support procurement and supplies of process equipment and materials:

  • development of a project procurement strategy;
  • localization and import substitution of equipment;
  • audit, qualification and selection of suppliers;
  • inspection and forwarding of long-lead equipment;
  • control and assessment of supply risks;
  • logistics;
  • customs clearance;
  • documentary support of supplies.

We ensure coordination of all expediting activities (carrying out of inspections, tests and exercise of quality control) of the supplied equipment and materials.

Within the project implementation, the criticality of equipment / materials will be determined and an appropriate inspection control level will be established. Key factors such as complexity, special workmanship materials, non-standard processes, safety aspects, reliability, supplier statistic data, ease of replacement, location of production facilities, etc. will be taken into account to assign the level of inspections.

ASP-AQUA specialists commence expediting of critical equipment and materials with issuance of a purchase order and proceed to the final acceptance of the equipment delivered to the construction site to ensure as follows:

  • verification of the actual start of the supplier's work upon placement of the purchase order;
  • support of supply of all equipment and documentation of suppliers from the moment of invitation to take part in the tender, in accordance with the project implementation schedule;
  • support of supply of all spare parts and relevant documents that are the subject of warranty or insurance claims;
  • review of the suppliers' reports;
  • identification of the reasons for delay in manufacture / supply, notification of the customer, preparation of corrective measures;
  • regular release of reports on the progress of support works for each purchase order;
  • preparation and release of a monthly report on the status of supply of the equipment and materials.

ASP-AQUA specialists ensure timely receipt by equipment suppliers of all necessary certificates, availability of which is mandatory for importing, installation and operation of industrial equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.