Design of a surface water intake on the Zeya River, Amur GCC

Facility classification:
UI&O water feature
Project type:
FEED Project
Svobodny, Amur Region
Contract period:
Project status:
Project completed

Project description

Amur Gas Chemical Complex (Amur GCC) is an enterprise being constructed at 15 km from the city of Svobodny in Amur Region. The plant will produce polyethylene and polypropylene of various trademarks from ethane, propane and butane, which will be supplied from the neighboring Amur Gas Processing Plant. It is assumed that the enterprise under construction will become the most powerful in terms of productivity in Russia and one of the world’s largest enterprises for production of base polymers.

The river water intake on the Zeya River is intended for the river water intake for the industrial water supply needs for the AGCC continuous operation period.

The scope of the project works includes development of the project design documentation for the facility «Amur GCC». UI&O facilities. River water intake on the Zeya River, including obtaining of a positive conclusion of the state expert examination board and approvals of the competent state authorities.

Scope of the project works:

  • development of the Basic Technical Solutions;
  • provision of the Input Data (ID) for EIA (Environment Impact Assessment), EPMP (Environmental Protective Measures Plan);
  • development of the project design documentation;
  • development of the estimate documentation;
  • development of a 3D model of the facility;
  • support of undergoing the state expert examinations.