Supply of a package of the equipment for the ultraviolet disinfection unit, Orsknefteorgsintez

Facility classification:
UI&O water feature
Project type:
Package supply
Orsk, Orenburg Region
Contract period:
Project status:
Project completed

Project description

Orsknefteorgsintez is the oldest oil refining company in Russia, which began its history in 1935, and is still one of the leading oil refineries in Russia. The plant processes a mixture of oils from the West Siberian Oil and Gas Bearing Province (OGP), Volga-Ural OGP and the gas condensate.

Ultrafiltration systems are widely used at various industrial and manufacturing enterprises as water treatment from mechanical (colloidal) impurities, large organic molecules and various microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.).

The main difference between the ultrafiltration process and other baromembrane processes (for example, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration) is permanency of the salt composition of the resulting water. That is, during ultrafiltration, the water mineral composition does not change, but all suspended impurities, microscopic organisms are removed from the water, its color and turbidity are reduced.

This principle of operation makes it possible to effectively use these systems to obtain drinking water, as a preliminary treatment stage before softening systems, reverse osmosis units.

Within this project, ASP-AQUA supplies a package of equipment for the ultraviolet disinfection unit.

Unit composition:

  • frame-base;
  • mechanical pre-treatment filter;
  • hollow-fiber ultrafiltration module;
  • ultrafiltration module backwash system;
  • unit control cabinet with a controller;
  • shut-off and control valves;
  • instrumentation and automated control systems.